PSAC Impact Assessment Reference Survey Report

This report presents the main results of the baseline survey for the impact assessment of two interventions of the Agricultural Sector Support Project in Ivory Coast (PSAC): the provision of small rubber planters of 95% subsidized improved plants and the pair training of the beneficiaries of the subsidized plants. The first intervention will provide an insight into the direct impact of the PSAC grant on the creation of rubber plantations by planters and on the quality of the plants used to create these plantations. The second intervention will help to know the impact of the traveling training of planters on the knowledge of good agricultural practices and on their adoption, on the other hand on the maintenance of the plantation and also on the yields. The evaluation involves a sample of 3,231 planters and 2,117 planters’ spouse. The percentages of women and young rubber plantation owners are relatively low (about 20%). There is little knowledge of structures to support planters and very little belonging to a peasant association. The baseline survey appears to reveal that the traveling training of planters has a positive impact on their knowledge of good agricultural practices related to rubber cultivation.

Ezechiel Djallo


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